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This is us.

Sharing knowledge. Sharing hope. Sharing life.


Platinum is a people based project intended to bring together individuals who share a common purpose: to stand up to negativity, hatred, and bias. I initially started this private campaign over 20 years ago by creating parallel approaches in my work with organizational development and personal coaching. My work has been built upon the need to create a clear path for those who follow after me, leaving as few obstacles for them to face as possible. I realized this work must be made public after I discovered so many other like-minded individuals were traveling the same path. There were allies all around me— people who genuinely care about how they treat others, people without a self serving agenda, people who are concerned with making the world a compassionate and kind place for everyone. I also recognized I was in a powerful position where I could provide guidance and support for these individuals and forge a breakthrough towards equality and unity. I am moved by the overwhelming number of individuals who have joined me in this journey and I welcome those out there who are ready, will, and able to do the work but don’t know how or where to start.

The movement towards equality begins at an individual level and does not need to be advocated by everyone to be experienced by everyone. This effort is a culmination of individuals making small changes each day, effecting the world around them in a positive and meaningful manner. Each interaction between friends, coworkers, family members, neighbors, and strangers is effected and changed to generate a chain reaction of positivity and continuous growth. So why should we invest so much into this process? One could argue that it is imperative in building the bridges between people who are aware of the differences but who have seemingly forgotten about the many similarities that connect us as one human race. At the apex of these connections, the fundamental characteristic that all humans possess and unfortunately the characteristic that is threatened the most, is our humanity. Our humanity is our ability to see people as people, not as objects— it is our kindness and our compassion, our empathy and our integrity. We have lost the importance of comprehending our humanity and have consequently hindered its evolution. The world continues to change around us while we stand still, unable to learn or to grow. The differences we face become threatening and create challenges, when instead they could provide us with the opportunity to connect and learn from each other. We must be willing to acknowledge and welcome these differences and use them as sources of enlightenment and inclusion— and as a return to basic human decency. 


The only requirement to become a platinum connection member is that you have begun to understand and explore the concept of presence. You must willing to begin and/or continue the study of the enneagram . As you study the enneagram you will begin to recognize many things about your own behaviors that determine the way that you show up in the world. This will open your awareness to how you can respectfully view people as human beings with a life and a story that perhaps you are totally unaware of and most importantly begin to see our universal human connection. Viewing one another with presence through your enneagram lens will help to explore our similarities and differences. The similarities help us to find common ground while the differences help us to understand some of the things that may divide us. These differences provide us with the opportunity to connect and enrich our lives in a much deeper way. The participation that is asked of a Platinum Connection member is that you share your observations and interactions by posting in the Platinum Connection comments section for members only. 


 Platinum connection Allies learn to combine enneagram knowledge with diversity tools to develop more skills in having meaningful and authentic conversations and embracing relationships across differences. It is at this level that Platinum members engage the work of beginning the process of trying to heal a broken bridge in your own life. Being a cultural ally means that you do not just talk the talk but you walk the talk by entering into a pure space of beginning to rebuild bridges wherever possible, especially your own.


Ambassadors are on-going students and teachers of the Enneagram. An Ambassador is comfortable with facilitating dialogue and working with teaching people how to bridge gaps across differences. Ambassadors have the willingness to learn and utilize the Platinum model for training in diversity issues and conflict resolution. The Ambassadors will initiate, introduce and facilitate groups to model the Platinum Principles and promote and engage others in the Platinum Connection.

The Enneagram & The Platinum Connection

We often see ourselves very differently from how others see us. As human beings our capacity to experience ourselves as others do is quite limited. We do not all think alike. We do not all share the same background, look alike, or behave in the same way, therefore, we have very different perspectives. However, at the core of each individual is a drive, an impulse, a deep inner motivation that can be identified by observing our own behaviors, without judgement or shame. Two decades ago I began working with the Enneagram and I continue to be amazed at the way that the petals of my own personality structure continue to open and reveal aspects of my true self to me. The Enneagram is an ancient archetypal personality system that combines modern psychological practices with a deep foundation in ancient traditions, religions, cultures and spiritual practices. It is inclusive and embraces and connects people across the many aspects of our humanity that commonly used to define and divide ourselves.

The Enneagram creates a cognitive shift into mindfulness at an individual and team level and uncovers the focus and patterns of behavior that subconsciously drive and motivate us to act in certain ways. In making these patterns and motivations conscious, the individual is able to develop and transcend what once was a challenge and create positive deep and sustainable change in themselves and in their environment. Options and answers appear that we did not know were possible. We intend to create an experience that will be a gift to you and to everyone that is part of this journey. We will create a network of positive intentional interaction that moves away from fear and grounds us and connects us as one race, the human race.

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